I’ve stumbled across this page – what the hell is a “mic belt”

A mic belt is worn by group fitness instructors around their waist to hold microphone receivers. You learn something new everyday eh?

I just got my belt and the pocket is demented. Please explain

Neoprene is a wonderful little textile: it’s water-proof, stretchy, and has a good memory. During the manufacture and delivery process they can get squished and bent out of shape (I mean who doesn’t every once in a while?). Don’t panic! When you use the mic belt for the first class it will contour to the correct shape of the mic and your delicious waist

What is your Refund policy?

I want you to be happy, full stop. So if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase please email within 7-days of receiving the product to organise a full refund or exchange, less postage

What are the mic belt dimensions?

91cm from end to end laid flat and 101cm from end to end when product is stretched (fully adjustable). The pocket size is 12.5cm high and 7.5cm wide

How much are the mic belts?

$39.95 AUD plus postage & handling

Where do you deliver?

Australia, UK, USA, NZ, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Israel, Spain, China and Canada

But I live elsewhere and reallllly want one. Please?

Contact me with your postal address and how many mic belts and I will get you a quote for postage

When will I receive the goods?

Your order will be dispatched within 1 – 3 business days then add on the delivery time depending on where you are located

Can I wash my mic belt?

Sure can. Wash in a gentle cold wash in a zip up bag to minimise fading and so the clips don’t damage your machine

My favourite design has sold-out, will you be getting more?

Generally no, once a design is sold out it is gone for good, but if there is enough demand I will do another print run

How can I contact Accomplice Accessories?

Accomplice Accessories
PO BOX 723

Where else you be at?