Accomplice would have never been – had someone not pissed me off.

Instead of lighting a bag of poo on fire and leaving it on their door-step, I started Accomplice instead (heaps adult-y).

I love group fitness. And hate it. And can’t live without it.

It’s my first memory of hanging out with my mum. It scared the shit out of me at module training. It’s helped pay my bills. It is a bill. I’ve met people that I would have never met.

That last one alone is worth it.

My biggest thrill as a business is seeing an Accomplice mic belt on you. It  really is. So thank you. But more than that Accomplice is a place where we can talk shit about group fitness that makes no sense to anyone else. You’re not alone. I’m not alone. Except when you forget chorey in front of 50 people. Then you’re alone.

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